Classical Atelier Drawing and Painting


Learning Drawing and Painting in an Atelier.

Previous to the introduction of state governed art academies, artists worked wLea_Bargue_Headithin a trade guild scheme where apprentices started from a young age sweeping floors and grinding pigments for a master and gradually learned their trade as they worked their way up through the workshop system, starting as apprentice, progressing to journeyman, and finally becoming a master in their own right. The later academies and atelier of the 19th century shifted focus from a practical craft working status to a more student focused learning environment with appreciation for classicism and idealization of nature at their core. This course of rigorous training placed emphasis on excellent draftsmanship, an understanding of materials and their properties, and over all a highly developed level of observation.


A Traditional ApproachLea teaching to Art

Despite the recent global resurgence of interest in atelier methods, contemporary art schools lean increasingly further towards post-modern theory and conceptualization. By remaining true to historical practices through maintaining traditional art instructional methodologies, EAFA offers an alternative to the many artists left frustrated by not having the means to achieve the high standards and skills they aspire to.


The Methods of the Masters

The Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art has a direct historical lineage to the old masters and their atelier methods of training. Our aim is not to recreate art of the past but incorporate it’s knowledge and discipline to modern practice. Our fundamental techniques are the backbone of all representational art and EAFA trained graduates confidently overcome the most difficult projects in drawing and painting, some describing it as “the PhD of art programs”. The quality of instruction really speaks for itself and the EAFA curriculum truly is the starting point for a whole new generation of masters.

 What we do

The principles taught in EAFA’s programs provide the foundation for beginner and experienced artists alike to gain proficiency in any artistic pursuit of their choosing. Our individual classes are offered in a supportive group setting and have the following traits

  • the program is executed at the student’s pace
  • No portfolio or previous experience is required
  • techniques are taught in a step-by-step progressive fashion
  • flexible part-time classical drawing and life drawing programs
  • full-time programs


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