Life Drawing Classes at the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art

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Weekday Life Drawing Classes

Life Drawing classes at Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art are fully tutored and take place on Mondays 10am-1pm, Thursdays 1pm-4pm, and Fridays 10am-1pm. Each 10 week term begins with a series of one off exercises exploring gesture, surface anatomy, and proportion. You will then work from a “sustained pose” (the same model in the same pose) with a total of 60 hours. This allows students to complete a realistic “academic finish” to their figure drawings.

Drawing the human figure is one of the most challenging and rewarding subjects in art. It has been studied for hundreds of years in academies across the world. Our step by step approach to figure drawing allows beginner and experienced artists alike, to master observation skill and understanding of the human form. In depth study of light logic theory will help you understand what you are seeing in nature, enabling you to create a believable illusion of three-dimensionality in your drawings. Accurate figure drawing is a much sought after skill in creative industries such as fashion, animation, digital concept art, as well as portfolio development.

If you are interested in improving your figure drawing skills at one or more of our weekday sessions, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange it with you. We are happy for you to try a free taster session so that you can see for yourself how our sessions run and be sure that our classes are right for your artistic goals.

Evening Life Drawing Classes

We also have evening sessions on Tuesdays 630pm-930pm. The next ten week block will be starting on Tuesday 10th January. Contact us to find out more and book your place.

Please note that although we work within a block of ten sessions, if you want to join us and have a go midway through a block, email us and we can arrange this.


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