Short Courses

Short Courses

Personalized instruction to fit your lifestyle.

Not everyone can drop their commitments to join a workshop with a fixed timescale. Short courses allow you the flexibility to learn based on your own schedule and needs. Working alongside other EAFA full and part time students you can choose your topic of interest and have personalized instruction from EAFA instructors in a friendly and supportive environment.

Please contact us for a list of materials needed and to arrange dates to suit you.


Colour Mixing (2 days)

Price: £200

Explore the essentials of colour with this two-day colour mixing workshop.  You will learn to create colour harmony by using a variation on a limited palette as used by Anders Zorn, and take a practical approach to colour. You will learn application and how a colour chart can guide you, whether painting luminous flesh tones or earthy landscapes. Upon completion, you will have improved abilities in analysing colours accurately, composing values and creating colour harmony.



Concepts in Portrait Drawing (4 days)

Price: £300

In this course, you will be taught to understand the structure of the human head and principals of idealistic proportion. This will allow you to produce more realistic and convincing representations from photographs and from life. You begin by learning the basic planes and forms that build the structure of a human head. From there you will move onto studying various portrait masters and applying the knowledge to drawing plaster cast models. You will learn the fundamentals of portraiture in order to confidently create an expressive portrait by taking advantage of new technology and combining it with solid comprehension of anatomy and structure.


In the Studios of the Old Masters (7 days)

Price: £400

EAFA instructors take you through the stages of painting in the tradition of the old masters in this seven day course.  Working from a selected study, you will learn the specific step-by-step process to gain a clear understanding of the principles of oil painting, and the best techniques and materials to use. This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. You will choose from images provided. At the end you take home your own master copy as well as the step-by-step knowledge of the process.


Classical Academic Drawing (5 days)

Price: £300

Learn the same artistic training methods of the masters. This step by step instruction has helped artists of all levels of experience master their drawing skills for nearly 200 hundred years.The Charles Bargue Drawing Course was developed and widely used in the mid 19th century as a foundation exercise for fine art training. It has been used by historic and modern masters as an essential process in understanding the principles of shape, proportion, value and form.



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