Materials list for Classical Still-life Painting with Juliette Aristides


DRAWING SUPPLIES (you can work in either graphite or charcoal)

– Sketchbook or sketching paper

– Kneaded eraser

– A sheet black and mid-gray paper for a backdrop


If you live locally please feel free to bring a box of objects, shapes, jars, anything that looks interesting to you. If you are coming from out of town you can always hit the grocery store and pick up some fruit, vegetables to use as a subject.


(Be sure not to buy the clay boards, only get those designed for oil paints)

– 5 small panels or canvas ( approximately 10 x 14″ or 16 ”x 20”  for quick paintings,) plus one larger (approximately 18” x 24”) panel or canvas for a larger painting.

– Artist’s medium such as Winsor & Newton or Oleogel (the latter can be purchased from the Natural Pigments website: )


Bring a variety of filbert and round brushes in varying sizes.
A hand held wooden palette is excellent, but feel free to bring your favorite. New Wave palettes are beautifully made and highly recommended:




– One Tube or tub of acrylic grey paint, value number 7 (pale grey)
– Paint Rags (cut up cotton t-shirt or industrial blue paper towels)

Please do not get student grade paints. If you find the Cadmium paints too expensive to buy, there will be some available courtesy of the instructor. Additional colors will be discussed in class. Feel free to bring favorite tubes of paint that you enjoy as well.

Titanium white

Naples yellow

Yellow ochre

Cadmium yellow light

Cadmium orange

Raw umber

Burnt umber

English red or burnt sienna

Cadmium red medium

Permanent alizarin crimson

Cadmium green (optional)

Olive Green

Ultramarine blue

Ivory black

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