Following successful growth in North America, the Academy of Realist Art (ARA) has now brought its world-renowned curriculum to the UK.
ARA is one of a select few academies in the world that utilizes the academic approach to drawing and painting. We model our curriculum and teaching methodologies on those used by the 19th-century European academies, with the aim of helping students achieve the highest calibre of skills possible. ARA’s highly successful, graduated academic process teaches students of all levels to see the objective truths found in nature and the fundamental skills needed to represent them.


The Academy of Realist Art is recommended by the Art Renewal Center as an ARC Accredited atelier.

A tour of the studio may be arranged by appointment.

Academy of Realist Art UK is now a registered learning provider whose courses can be funded by a Professional and Career Development Loan (PCDL). Please contact us for more information.

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